Follow Up Services and Accounts Receivable Management

Over half of denied claims are never re-filed.

Managing unpaid claims and following-up consistently can drain the resources from your employees and still produce zero results. Aside from the unpaid claims, which can amount to millions in lost revenue, paying employees to do the job only adds to the overall cost.

Improve your cash flow and let HCFS manage your unpaid claims

  • Our rapport with third party payers and our experience with Medicaid give us the advantage in uncovering errors or reasons for denial regardless of account balance. If all other avenues fail in securing payment, we will use administrative proceeding or legal action if necessary.
  • HCFS can clean up Legacy and aged accounts. We customize protocols and procedures to match your facility’s own processes and needs.
  • Flexible referral schedules that best meet your A/R needs: Day 1, Day 30, Day 60 or Day 90+

Contact Us Today to Reduce your A/R Days

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