Out-of-State Medicaid

HCFS offers expert knowledge in Medicaid and insurance billing. Our strategic partnerships with third-party payers enable us to better track and recover lost revenue. HCFS can complete and submit your Facility and/or Physician provider applications, as well as manage updates and renewals.

Increase monies received from out-of-state Medicaid payers and achieve faster payment with HCFS.

Even though the Federal Government requires states to pay for Medicaid services for beneficiaries who are absent from their home state, Medicaid recipients are often billed for the out-of-state care.

With each state requiring its own set of reimbursement requirements, it takes a Medicaid expert to navigate all the rules and regulations that surround these government insurance plans.

HCFS is the industry leader when it comes to out-of-state Medicaid.

Our relationships, technology and over 29 years of experience navigating the Medicaid mine field gives us a distinct advantage over all other healthcare financial service companies.

We are with you every step of the way, from documentation to the claims, our team guides you through the entire process.

From start to finish, HCFS has you covered in all 50+ states.

We make sure that your Hospital and/or Physicians are enrolled by the specific Medicaid agency, then we complete and submit any applications needed.

Then our proprietary database scours the information, looking for expiration dates or lapses in coverage. Finally, on your behalf, we submit and follow-up on individual claims, using proven denial management strategies to resolve payment issues.

Working with HCFS means:
Female Patient Being Reassured By Doctor In Hospital Room
Fewer Claims Denials0%
Increased Collections0%
Faster Payment Turnaround0%
Freeing up your administrative staff0%

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