Generating Revenue is Imperative.

Total Transparency

Working with HCFS will enable extended reach and accuracy finding third-party payers. Our advanced knowledge and Revenue Cycle Systems allows us to recover more revenue than any other organization like us. Coupled with our reporting systems that track every account, client and
third-party payer and you have a recipe for success.

HCFS provides a standard reporting package, but also can provide customizable account level detail reports that include but are not limited to:

  • Acknowledgement Report
  • Status Report
  • Transmittal Report
  • Closed Report

Our dashboard reports and expert account managers will help you forecast revenues, days in A/R and bad debt from assigned inventories

Business Knowledge Department
HCFS views compliance and regulatory support as a competitive advantage in the marketplace

  • Provides nationwide research regarding State, Federal and County legislation
  • Supports the Implementation, Training and Operation teams by providing timely State and Federal regulatory overviews and updates
  • Notifies clients of pertinent policy updates

Advanced Technology

  • Integrated data exchange – referral files, auto note upload
  • State-of-the-art computer and software systems track all accounts assigned to ensure that all accounts are worked for any potentially available program, no deadlines are missed and no opportunities lost to secure payment from a third party payer.
  • Establish appropriate staffing/portfolio ratios
  • Provide trained staff and supervision

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